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Feeding Your Toddler

By 12 months age the child is usually crawling on hands and knees, pulling to stand and taking steps with/without support. Toddlers want to assert independence, they can feed themselves with a spoon and will hold a cup independently by 12-15 months age. By 18 months...

Feeding a 9 month old

At 9 months, babies can tolerate soft foods like cooked noodles, rice, soft breads, soft steamed vegetables in small chunks or bite size pieces, like soft and diced steamed carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, cooked tomatoes, soft beans, peas, soft fruits, soft meats,...

Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods

How do I know that my baby is ready for solids? Solid foods are generally recommended for babies starting at 4 months to 6 months age. By this time the baby is usually sitting with support and has good head and neck control. Also, the tongue thrusting reflex is fading...