We at Access Pediatrics are always fully focused on helping
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At Access Pediatrics, we are committed to providing the highest quality health care for your child from birth through early adulthood.


We perform thorough checkup of kids of all ages. Whether it is a sick visit, a routine checkup, school physicals, or immunization, we take care of it all.

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Welcome to Access Pediatrics! Making the right choice for your child’s pediatrician is a vital decision you’ll ever make.

Our Mission

Provide our patients with most comprehensive care from birth until 18 years of age. Our practice is dedicated to providing quality care by assuring that each patient receives individual and personal attention.

We accomplish this standard through close collaboration between our staff, our patients and their families. We strive to build long term partnering relationships with our patient’s families which are built on trust and mutual respect.

We believe in prevention of disease and promotion of healthy lifestyles for all children. We are committed to continuously educating ourselves to provide excellent care to our patients.

Dr Manju Akhand

Latest News

Calculating Your BMI

Calculating Your BMI

by Manju Akhand, MD

What is BMI or Body Mass Index? BMI is a screening tool used to identify if an individual is underweight, healthy weight, overweight or obese.
Feeding Your Toddler

Feeding Your Toddler

by Manju Akhand, MD

By 12 months age the child is usually crawling on hands and knees, pulling to stand and taking steps with/without support.

Feeding a 9 Month Old

Feeding a 9 Month Old

by Manju Akhand, MD

At 9 months, babies can tolerate soft foods like cooked noodles, rice, soft breads, soft steamed vegetables in small chunks or bite size pieces.

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